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Divide Review – A Genuine One!

Finally, the long wait of Divide game is over and the game certainly kicks off on the right note. There are pretty mixed reviews regarding the game and we do have a genuine one to share. Without any doubt, Divide game has a true story to tell you might not find a variety that much interesting. The game is surely an intriguing one but they are some flaws that should be discussed in a detailed manner.  Divide is developed by Exploding Tuba and being released on Feb 3, 2017. The game is based on the topics robots, nature and science. In order to get the game with ease, you are required to download it online and the price will be around $24.99.


When you go through Divide review, you will come to know this particular action-adventure game make use of the firearms against robotic and human enemies. There is nothing like blood or gore revealed in the game which is a bit exciting for the parents who don’t desire their kid getting involved in violence after watching bloody video games. Controls are pretty easy for sure but it is the difficulty gameplay that presents pretty stiff challenge in front of others.

What is Divide All About?

In the game, David is the main character who is still finding it hard to come out of the death of his wife and daughter. While mourning, David realizes, the death of the wife is not due to an accident and he now starts searching clues in the cyberpunk. He will fight against the robots and the armed guards and that is the basic gameplay. Sounds awesome but still, you might not find the game highly interesting. It seems like the game is pretty challenging for both newcomers and experienced gamers.


Sadly, the exciting gameplay has not been well supported by the broker fundamentals of the game. As a gamer, you will find it pretty hard to get going and require spending huge time to learn the winning skills. The game is surely a classic example of arcade style shooter along with the incredible cyber punk story.  Most of the players feel like the game is not finished properly and it will only act as a good first draft. We can certainly take the fine example, where you are walking around in the game but there is nothing like a map to support you out and show where you are heading or supposed to go. When players do get involved in the gunfight, they are mostly outmanned and the lack of ammo is entirely based on the health condition. You will find it hard to run away as the guards are executing nearly perfect shots and every time you try to figure out where to go, the guards will shoot you in the back.


Overall, Divide is a worth game to enjoy but when you do have few spare moments and will to fight for a long time. Just enjoy the benefits of our mentioned Divide review and take your gaming experience to another level.