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Recently just seen this movie called Night on Earth, and I thought it would be an awesome subject to start blogging about. Night on Earth is the first major film by Jim Jarmusch. Before, he was an amazing writer and director learning to write, learning to make films. Each of his previous works was a small masterpiece, but crudely cut and performed and under funded and under edited compared to this film. This is his first film with a matured style of storytelling, proving the genius of this great director.

The film is a set of five stories, happening in taxicabs in five major cities, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Rome and Helsinki. This is the first Jarmusch film with world famous actors, including Drew Barrymore, Beatrice Dalle and Roberto Benigni.

Music of this film has been written and performed by Tom Waits, the soundtrack is actually a version of a single song, single idea, and it is not boring for a second.

First story is a story about following the dreams, how a big Hollywood producer offers an acting career to her cab driver (Drew Barrymore), she is crudely rejected, because the girl is following her own dreams. In New York, black man, Yo-Yo finally gets a cab and it is driven by a German immigrant, Helmut (Armin Mueller-Stahl) who barely knows how to drive and the Yo-Yo decides to teach him a couple of things about the city and about driving. In Paris, the driver from the Ivory Coast throws the couple of diplomats out of his cab and picks up a smart blind girl that teaches him a few things about life, she knows more about colours and the looks and feeling of making love than he ever will, she proves to him that he is a bad driver. In rome a cab driver (Roberto Benigni) tells his incredibly hilarious sexual history to a priest he picked up and priest gets a heart attack and dies. These four stories represent a continuation of Jarmusch’s way comic storytelling while the fifth story is thrown for a good measurement, it is a story about cab ride in Helsinki where all the characters are competing on telling the most depressive story.

Jarmusch is concerned primarily with portrayal of his characters, of their relations, of their, his, view of life. The cities look lonely, cold but accepting because the relationships within taxicabs brighten and show how alone can a man feel he’s been once he encounters such a kind soul.

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